2018: The Year Of The Side Hustle.

The Side Hustle 

What are you doing these days to grow the side hustle? I am sure you are maxing out those tax sheltered retirement accounts, I love it! I know you are working extra shifts, get ’em!  I believe you are cutting monthly costs left and right, good for you! But I am talking in terms of what you’re doing to bring in that extra cash to add to your bottom line on a monthly basis outside of your careers; what are you doing these days to develop your side hustle?!?! Well, you better get to work because it is already January 12, 2018 and 2018 is officially The Year Of The Side Hustle.

2018: Year Of The Side Hustle
2018: Year Of The Side Hustle

Welcome To The Year Of The Side Hustle: 2018

I wish I could take credit for this one. It sounds so nice, it rolls of the tongue really, but I can’t.  It was actually Accidental FIRE in a comment section somewhere who  coining the phrase. I am not sure if he did it accidentally or not, but I liked it so I ran with it! I will say though, he can’t take all the credit for my inspiration, I have been particularly inspired to jump into the side hustle game this year after discovering and devouring The Financial Panther‘sBlog andThis Post in particular. After reading about all the ways he is pursuing FI through several side hustles, I had to get into the game!

Side Hustle Camping and Adventure
Now… If I could just turn camping into a side hustle…

“Everyday I’m Hustling”

So, you are new to this? Maybe start slow. Empty out your closets and attics, garages and storage units. Sell that which you have not touched for over 6 months. I found a stereo receiver, a microphone, a set of headphones,  an old IPad, a bike and several other items to sell! You would be surprised at how good it feels to declutter.  Take a picture, write-up a brief description, figure out the going rate for your items and sell, sell, sell! “Make the kids think you are going to sell them next!” says Dave Ramsey.

The Side Hustle Runner
If the side hustling was akin to running, I would still have set absolutely no records. Not a single one.

Get Techy

You can do a garage sale sure. But gosh there are so many other ways to sell your junk! Craigslist, OfferUp, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Etsy, Bonanza, eBid! Place your items on these platforms and put some cash in your pocket.

What Will You Do This Year To Hustle?

Maybe you don’t have things to sell. Or maybe you like that passive income. That’s right, that cash that comes in while you do nothing. I have a couple of side hustles here and I am playing with others.  I will play all my cards soon for you to see, but first I want to hear from you! What’s your side hustle ideas, plans, actions and work for the year of  2018? Place them in the comments below!