$1000 Bonus With Acorn Investments

So,  I am all for investing by thyself and for thyself. I believe that you can totally bite off a reasonable approach and strategy for investing based on your long-term goals and do it yourself without the help of anyone. These days it’s not that hard with the internet around. But… I am also a huge fan of free money and making things easy. With these two thoughts in mind, which aren’t necessarily dichotomous, Acorn has given you and I the opportunity at a little free money and easy investing without much planning. Without further ado I urge you, my reader,  to pad the billfold this month with a little extra $1000 if you can swing it. I am out to do it and it can be done. The following is how to do it!!!


 Invite 12 People To Sign Up For Acorn, Get $1,000

First, you have to sign up for your own account through the app. You can do this on your computer or on your phone. Please SIGN UP HERE so I can get my numbers! The link doesn’t lie, I am the friend who wants you to have a brighter future. Or at least make you a $1,000 richer.

When you sign up you need to invest just $5 in their app and keep it there for 30 days.  Thereafter, you have to find 12 people to refer and they too must sign up through your link and invest $5 for 30 days. If you are able to get 12 people on board before February 28th then you get $1000. It is just that easy.

How Do They Invest For You?

Well, first off if you are investing only $5 you don’t have much to lose! They look at your age and your timeline prior to retirement and develop an asset of stocks and bonds for you. You can link your bank account to the app and invest monthly (that is what I am doing) or you can link your credit card and choose to invest by rounding up on your purchases! Safe and easy either way.

No Free Lunch (Barring The Doc Lounge)

There is a fee for the app, but it is not bad. The cost of investing anything under $5000 is $1 per month. Anything over $5000 is 0.25%. Look, if you are anything like me you like it dirt cheap! My Roth IRA has an expense ratio of 0.04% and that is as cheap as they come so why would I go through the hassle of being charged $1 per month to invest $5 at Acorn? They are giving me $1000. I will take a roughly 1000% rate of return!

Get Your Referral On!

Consider this your February Side Hustle and get your referral on peeps! No time like the present! Please use my link and Sign Up Now For Acorn! then post your own referral link in the comment section below!

The Finer Points

When I found out I could make an extra $1000 doing this, I was skeptical and had to reach out to the company. They responded within the day and said the following:

“For the month of February we are running a promotion where if you refer 12 friends and they all register for an account and make their first investment of at least $5, you will receive a $1000 bonus.”

It is important to note that “Each friend must be approved and have made their initial investment of $5 by 02/28/2018. Bonuses will be paid out on 03/15. ”

You will need to verify your account with a current bill or drivers license once you apply. Also, they ask some questions at the beginning while setting up you. These questions are typically asked when starting any and every investment account so don’t worry, they are not creepers.

Sign Up For Acorn, Invest $5, Invite 12, & Indulge in $1000

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