What Should You Call Your Financial Independence Blog?

What Should You Call Your Financial Independence Blog?
Names are super important. To make a name for yourself and your work, it has to be easy to market, easy to understand, easy to say, easy to remember and easy to search for! It has to be a name that people will remember.

Welcome to The Life Of FI MD Blog

Whelp, I finally decided on a name for this one.  It took awhile to decide on the name, but I really like it! I chose this name because even though I am far off from FI, I am living a life now that supports it and that is key. You won’t become financially independent by making more money, you have to learn to save at whatever stage you are at. And savings by itself wont get you there either, if that is all you are doing. This blog highlights all the ways FI is lived out on a day to day basis!

Names to consider for your FI journey blog

My FI Life
The FI Life
Nine to FI
Fi in time
FI of my life
Fi Sighted
Folks Who Fi
Big FI
FI My Life
Live My FI
Mind of FI
FI Minded
FI My Life
Yolo FI
Why I FI
FI Mind
FI Minded
Find My FI
Foster Thy FI
More FI Here
Made For FI
Life of FI
Lots of good ones here, I thought it would be criminal not to share so enjoy!

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