Best of What’s Around. The January Edition

Different Posts From Different Folks!  #Bloggingdom. 

January was a fun month for perusing a plethora of different “Year in Review” posts and “New Year’s Resolutions” articles  all across the land of Bloggingdom (Yeah, Google doesn’t seem to think that is a word…  I definitely just made that one up, but I am keeping it)! It is always fun to see the way that people out there are rallying in different areas of their life, especially in areas of finance.

Young FIRE Knight

One post that really “caught my eye” (bad joke, sorry) was from Young FIRE Knight. He completed a Cost Comparison Between LASIK & Contacts/Glasses over several years. Can you guess which one won? Go check out his post, it also details how satisfied most people are with LASIK, can you guess what percent of patients are satisfied with their surgery?

The Wealthy Accountant

One of my favorite bloggers, Keith, at The Wealthy Accountant, wrote an excellent article highlighting the need to Steady The Course when new to investing especially in this current bull run. He always has some humor mixed with some history and in this post he calms one’s view on how the market has been acting lately. Runs don’t last forever! The Do’s and Don’ts section in this particular post is full of gold so I encourage you to go read it. It reminds me of My Own Investment Personal Statement. If you are new to the game of investing, take a look at his post! If anything, at least go over and subscribe to his posts, the guy is giving away $1000!

Debt Free Happens

Kevin at Debt Free Happens did the hard work this month of tidings up the financial house to the nth degree! In his post on Organizing Your Financial Estate Records, he detailed the steps required for proper estate planning: after getting a will together and purchasing life insurance it is crucial to having a record of all your beneficiaries, accounts and passwords, document locations and another key point (go read it for more info). I could not agree with him more, after I purchased life insurance I slept better at night knowing my loved ones would be set financially. You would be doing your own loved ones a favor by checking out his post and following his outline. Thanks Kevin for putting this one together!

The Wealth Hound

With a name like The Financial State of Our Union, how could I not have read this article? The Wealth Hound details how to go about getting on the same page financially with your spouse, and/or your future self through a thorough assessment of where you are at financially! I would just add that if this is the first financial state of your union that you and your spouse have ever attended together, I would skip the cold brew and wine, stick with the tea, coffee, or high-quality H2O for this one! Either way cheers to better financial future for you both regardless!

Actuary on FIRE

Quite possibly best for last, an article I absolutely LOVED reading was written by actuary on FIRE and came to us as a two-part series that touches on the perennial discussion of Dollar Cost Averaging or Lump Sum Investing. I have no choice but to dollar cost average, but in the event of a windfall you bet I am going to lump sum invest! As someone who always wants those real numbers, studies, and verifiable information behind my decisions, I really appreciated his actuary diligence on this piece.

If you are broke like me, then Separating & Automating your savings & investing at every paycheck is all you can do aside from praying for the day you catch that windfall! The data is clear; if you can hack it, front loading is best! Time in the market is just as valuable as the coin you placed in it.

Did you write or read a post that you loved this month? Leave it below, I would love to see it!

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