Glad you are here.

Life of FI MD exists to get as many people as possible interested in pursuing Financial Independence and to get those who are already on the path there a little faster. As a young physician FI is a far away and lofty goal, but it is not about the destination, around here on this site it is all about the journey.

If you are one who has felt like your financial situation has limited your life options, you should join the blog as you are in good company. Financial independence is a completely obtainable goal no matter where you are at, but the journey needs to begin now because it boils down to two simple things: an understanding of the math behind financial independence and a lifestyle supporting the math.

Truthfully, whether or not you follow the blog is irrelevant, what is more, important is what you will do with the information contained here within. I invite you to pursue a Life Of FI with me.

Welcome to The Life Of FI MD.

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